Top 10 Fundraising Success Tips

Success with Dutch Mill Bulbs Fundraising Programs 

You’ve chosen one of the most profitable fundraisers for your organization – now make sure everyone gets excited about raising money with Dutch Mill Bulbs! Our 50+ years of experience has proven that an enthusiastic group is the number one key to your success.

  1. Timing is everything – try to schedule your fundraiser so it doesn’t compete with other events in the area.
  2. Get the whole community behind you. Local media, workplace bulletin boards, etc. can help spread the word far beyond your circle of family and friends.
  3. Set a specific goal (higher than last year, but attainable) and make sure everyone knows that their efforts will benefit the entire group. Distribute an announcement (See Example: Fundraiser Kick Off Letter) describing the purpose of the fundraiser, your $ goal, sales expectations, and time frame.
  4. Select a highly motivated and organized individual as the group leader. Excitement is contagious!
  5. Hold a kickoff meeting and make it an event!
    • Generate excitement – this is fun!
    • Introduce the group leader
    • Organize into sales teams with specific territories
    • Stress the importance of everyone’s participation
    • Use the kickoff meeting to let members announce individual goals
    • Don’t assume everyone knows what they’re supposed to do. Review the plan with each sales team to answer questions.
  6. Make copies of the 10 Helpful Tips for Selling and distribute them to everyone. Review the tips at your kickoff meeting.
  7. Set a clear end date. We recommend 2-3 weeks.
  8. Consolidate individual orders and forward to Dutch Mill Bulbs via mail, e-mail, fax (800-556-0539), or phone (800-533-8824). To order online, please visit our Fundraising Flower Bulbs page.
  9. When your order arrives, carefully check it against the accompanying packing list before you distribute any packages. Immediately report any discrepancies by calling Dutch Mill Bulbs at 1-800-533-8824.
  10. Hold a wrap-up meeting to thank everyone, share the results of your fundraiser and distribute awards. Express your gratitude and recognize key individuals with a letter (See Example: Fundraiser Wrap Up Letter). You’ll have an even better fundraiser next year when you end on an exciting high note!Good Luck!