About Us

Since 1960, Dutch Mill Bulbs has been helping organizations like high school bands, church groups, clubs, and scouting organizations earn more money with less effort than any other fundraiser. With 50+ years experience and plenty of feedback from our most successful customers, we’ve tailored our program into a finely-tuned profit machine.

Dutch Mill Bulbs was established in 1960 with a company vision based on:

  • Unique fundraising idea, environmentally responsible spring and fall flower bulb fundraising programs
  • Providing no-risk spring and fall flower bulb fundraising programs
  • Providing low cost, easy-to-sell, guaranteed to grow and bloom pre-packaged flower bulbs and bare root perennials
  • Superior responsiveness to customer needs
  • Continuous improvement

We’ve been so successful for so long because we not only stand behind our products with a no-nonsense guarantee, we also stand behind our customers, offering unmatched service and support. If you ever have a question or encounter a problem, we are one toll – free phone call away. You’ll always speak to a real live person who will work with you personally to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

We could go on and on, but really, wouldn’t you rather hear what customers say about Dutch Mill Bulbs Fundraising Ideas & Programs? Below are a few testimonials from our customers. To view more of these, please visit our Fundraising Ideas & Program Testimonials page.

This will be our third time using this fundraiser, and we have had much success. The kids enjoy selling the flower bulbs and the club is able to make enough money to support the things we need for the kids.”
– Sheila Hawkins, Lowry City Town & Country 4-H Club

We have used your company for the past two years for our Cub Scout Pack 2 fundraising. The customers enjoy their new bulbs, allowing the scouts to enjoy more adventures. Thanks for great service!”
–  Vanessa Kokrda, Cub Scout Pack 2

The fundraiser we ran in the spring was a huge success, despite the boys’ and their fathers’ initial hesitation to “sell flowers.” It has been, so far, our best fundraiser ever.”
– Alma Merriman, Boy Scout Troop 364

This will be our second fundraiser with Dutch Mill Bulbs. You guys are the greatest. This is probably the best fundraiser I have used to make big money both quickly and easily. Thanks!”
– Terese Bennett, The Explorer

Our previous sale was so successful that we are excited to offer the boys another opportunity to participate in your wonderful fundraising project!.”
– Pam Robertson, Boy Scout Troop 121

The school bulb sale was very successful… only 34 students participated… we earned over $900.00 for our school gardening program.”
– Shelly Golsby, John Morse 5th Grade

A wonderful fundraiser. Thank you so much!”
– Cheryl Geibel, Creative Dance Studio