2015 Spring Fundraising Programs


Easiest & most organized 2015 Flower Bulb Fundraiser Around! 

Brochure Fundraiser

Our fundraising packet includes colorful brochures, order forms and more!

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Let us create a web page dedicated to your specific school, group or organization!

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Dual Fundraiser

Combine the Brochure and Online Fundraiser for the ultimate results!

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2015 Spring Fundraising Flower Bulbs

Download 2015 Spring Brochure

A - Two Tone Hanging Begonia Garden
A. Two Tone Hanging Begonia
B - Hanging Strawberry Garden
B. Hanging Strawberry Garden
Four O' Clock
C. Four O’ Clock
D - Freesia Mix
D. Freesia Mix
E - Spectacular Gladiolus
E. Spectacular Gladiolus
F - Variegated Hosta
F. Variegated
G - New Tiger Lilies
G. New Tiger Lilies
H - Everbearing Strawberry Plants
H. Everbearing Strawberry Plants
I - Stargazer Lilies
I. Stargazer Lilies 
J - Blazing Stars
J. Blazing Stars
K - Anemone De Caen
K. Anemone De Caen
L - Elf Lilies
L. Elf Lilies
M - Mini Amaryllis
M. Mini Amaryllis
N - Dutch Iris Mix
N. Dutch Iris Mix
O - Lavender Astilbe
O. Lavender Astilbe
P - Scarlet Dahlia
P. Scarlet Dahlia
Q - Daylily Stella D'Oro
Q. Daylily Stella D’Oro
R - Bleeding Hearts
R. Bleeding Hearts