A - Hanging Shamrock Garden

Hanging Shamrock Garden Fundraising Kit

Attractive combo of petite blooms, clover-shaped leaves and dramatic foliage. Each kit includes 6" hanging basket, hanger, 5 bulbs and special potting soil.

Height: 10"-12" 
Bloom:  Spring and summer 
Complete Kit $8.00

C - Four O’ Clock (perennial)

Four O' Clock

Afternoon-opening blooms in a wide range of vivid colors. The trumpet-shaped flowers emit a pleasant subtle vanilla fragrance that hummingbirds and butterflies adore.

Height: 36”- 48”
Bloom: Mid-summer until frost
3 Bulbs $8.00

E - Spectacular Gladiolus (annual)


Stately blooms in dazzling multi-colored assortment.

Height: 4' - 5'
Bloom: 90 days after planting
14 bulbs $8.00

G - New Tiger Lilies (perennial)


Exotic beauties of rich colors with curled and delicately dotted petals of red, white, yellow or pink. Vigorous growth of 15 to 20 flowers on each stem.

Height: 3' - 4'
Bloom: July-September
3 bulbs $8.00

I - Stargazer Lilies (perennial)


Strikingly beautiful blooms of fuschia color, dramatic shape and pleasing fragrance. Hardy growth, excellent cut flowers!

Height: 25" - 30"
Bloom: July-September
2 bulbs $8.00

K - Anemone De Caen (annual)


Brilliantly colored, tall, and versatile, these daisy-like flowers are ideal for pots or borders. Fern-like foliage enhances their striking variety of color.

Height: 8" - 12"
Bloom: May-June
15 bulbs $8.00

M - Mini Amaryllis (annual)


Graceful pink star-like flowers blooming all summer long. Ideal for pots and planters.

Height: 6" - 8"
Bloom: Throughout summer
18 bulbs $8.00

O - Lavender Astilbe (perennial)


Long blooming plumes of rich, delicate feathery flowers adorned by attractive foliage. An easy to grow, very dependable performer.

Height: 18'' - 24'' shrub
Bloom: June - August
One plant $8.00

Q - Daylily Stella D'Oro (Star of Gold; perennial)


Dwarf variety produces an abundance of golden-yellow bell shaped flowers with dark green foliage. Earliest, longest-blooming of all day-lilies. SPECTACULAR!

Height: 18"
Bloom: All Summer Long
One plant $8.00

B - Hanging Strawberry Garden (perennial)


For indoor or patio use. Kit contains 6" hanging basket, hanger, three virus-free plants and special potting soil. Lush foliage in 10 days; fruit in sixty days.

Height: 10"
Bloom: Spring and summer before fruit
Complete Kit $8.00

D - Freesia Mix (annual)


Guaranteed to delight! Elegantly formed fragrant flowers in an array of brilliant colors that can be planted indoors or out. A favorite of florists!

Height: 12" - 18"
Bloom: June - July
8 bulbs $8.00

F - Variegated Hosta (perennial)

Hosta Plant

Shade lilies, dramatic variegated foliage with bell-shaped flowers on graceful stalks. Stunning! Low maintenance border. Hardy.

Height: 18" - 32" bush
Bloom: Late summer, foliage in spring
One plant $8.00

H - Everbearing Strawberry Plants (perennial)

sun enlarge

The best available virus-free plants! Large, red, juicy berries throughout summer.

Height: 10"
Bloom: Spring and summer before fruit
10 plants $8.00

J - Blazing Stars (perennial)


Very attractive rosy purple spikes. The stems are covered with a grass-like foliage of dark green. They grow well in poor soil! A very desirable plant for tall borders.

Height: 3' - 4'
Bloom: August-September
12 bulbs $8.00

L - Elf Lilies (perennial)


NEW dwarf (ELF) lilies, ideal for pots, planters and borders in the garden. They have colorful and fragrant characteristics. You will be very pleased and delighted with these NEW miniatures.

Height: 16"
Bloom: July-September
3 bulbs $8.00

N - Dutch Iris Mix (perennial)

Dutch Iris Mix

Often referred to as the "orchid" of the Iris family, you're sure to enjoy the multi-color bouquet of blooms. Ideal for cutting.

Height: 12”
Bloom: 8 Weeks After Planting
14 Bulbs $8.00

P - Floodlight Dahlia

Floodlight Dahlia Flower Bulbs

Stunning and versatile!  Each stem laden with 6” to 9” yellow blooms is a bouquet in itself!  A great addition to any garden.

Height:  3' tall
Bloom:  Summer and fall
1 Bulb $8.00

R - Bleeding Hearts (perennial)


Romantic favorite from Victorian gardens with arching branches and delicate “HEART” flowers. Extremely vigorous.

Height: 2' - 3' shrub
Bloom: May - June
1 Plant $8.00